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It’s Time to Party!

The arrival of the summer season means it’s time for picnics and parties. With a bit of creative imagination, you can plan fun ways to serve beverages and food at your next gathering. Let your paintbrush help you whip up some colorful tabletop accents and patio décor!

Serve hors d’oeuvres on the Fourth of July with Betty Bowers’ Primitive Tray. Take the design one step further, and use parts of the pattern to create matching guest invitations, coasters, charger plates, table centerpieces (painted on clay pots), and more.

Other clever ideas for backyard entertaining include Kathi Hanson’s Fanciful Flowers Beverage Set. Paint a dispenser to place on a table for self-serve beverages and a matching glass for each of your guests. What fun! Serve a crisp fresh salad and set your table with Chris Thornton-Deason’s Oil & Vinegar Cruets. Again, expand on the original design by painting coordinating items, such as a large clear salad bowl, wineglasses, and votive holders.

If you truly want to make a statement, check out Sherrie Ragsdale’s Clay Pot and Saucer Servers. This triple-tiered stenciled set will function as both a centerpiece and food server. Mix and match the stencil patterns and colors as desired.

Whatever you decide to paint, we hope to help you bring more color and style to summer celebrations!

Happy painting!

Linda R. Heller

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